Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby got Spayed!

Well sometimes there are perks to working in a Vet hospital. So after a couple of months of waiting for my SNAP voucher we finally got it and on Friday March 18th I dropped Baby off at my clinic at 7:15 on the way to school to get spayed. We did a PreAn panel on her and her blood-work came back quite good. While she was under I made sure she got micro-chipped because soo many pets could be reunited with them soo much easier than without. At my clinic, We use Sevo, one of the safest anesthesia gases on the market and nothing but the best for my little pitty.

Anyways, So I went to work on Friday then took her home that night. As is expected she was quite out of it, and thats even when using less than her recommended dose of bag solution. Since our Baby girl had at least one litter before we got her so she does have some saggy teets, for lack of a better term. This cxed the large blood vessels that run through the mammary tissue to bleed a bit more than usual, so we had to wrap her up, and by the next day she was fine. She hasn't once attempted to lick, scratch, or otherwise mess with the incision site which is a big plus. We do have some pictures of our little girl the night after her surgery and will post them up shortly.

It has been awhile since the last blog post, but we will make the effort to make them more frequent. Thanks for reading! and Spay and Neuter your Pets!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Without Patience there is No Training.

 Val and I took Baby for a walk at Steele Park today on Indian School, which was something we've always wanted to do since we got her. Knowing that we would encounter more dogs and more people skateboarding, bicycling, running etc... we were excited if still a little nervous. When we got Baby we both knew that she hasnt been "trained" or socialized with other dogs, cats, or people. We weren't nervous though because she has done wonderful in our hands and is getting better every day. As far as dogs go she seemed very trainable, and we heard stories of little yorkies or chihuahuas getting into the front yard where she was previously to our house and doing fine, as in no aggressive behavior towards those animals. Not like it really mattered to us because we believed it is best to treat the situation as if there has been no interaction between her and any other animal or person. Im kinda getting off tangent here...

             Anyways... So we took her to Steele Park and instantly she was fascinated by the ducks and their quacking. Shes never seen a duck before, only pigeons and doesn't give a damn about them even if their eating all her food in the backyard. So we encountered a couple of people walking dogs and Baby was less than perfect. Whenever she sees a dog she still gets very attentive and anxious to get to that dog, Now we have no idea what would happen, but by her body posture and the signals she's putting out a lot of work needs to be done. She does seem better with smaller dogs as when we first got her and had her about a week she met Oliver and after a couple minutes seemed fine with him. We are in desperate need of Stable dogs to socialize her with, because her entire dog to dog experience is with dogs behind fences who are barking and growling at her and generally extremely unstable.... we do live in Phoenix..... With any bully breed, you will be sure to see Stubbornness... We have the Gentle leader for Baby which does do wonders but when she doesn't want to sit or lay down she just won't do it.. She knows those commands for sure but is stubborn as all hell. Repetition is the key . Take your dog for a walk every single day, tire her out, use positive reinforcement, Make sure she knows you are the pack leader. Do not let her lead you, lead her.  Most importantly do not give up. Bully breeds are extremely stubborn do not give up, things will improve.

Heres Baby after her bath today...

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Fresh Start

Hey Hey, Val here.. welcome to our blog. We decided to start this because Bully breeds such as Pit Bulls, Bulldogs, Etc.. are extremely misrepresented and also very close to our hearts. In this blog we will document our life with the Bully Breeds. We will share our adventures, training techniques and experiences with stories and pictures. Currently we have only one dog. The lovely miss Baby. (pictured below). However, we will have many more dogs to share on our journey, we plan on adopting more as well as fostering in the coming months.  We hope you enjoy! Stay tuned... :)