Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some Updates

Well it certainly has been awhile since we posted anything regretfully. Well to make up for that its most likely that this blog will be kind of long and have a lot of information. Well since we don't know Showlows actual birthday, due to our educated guess shes around 14 weeks right now, and she has definitely grown. She was about 13 lbs two weeks ago and is def at least 15 now, getting quite heavy luggin around. Shes had two sets of her K9Combo Vx, and her first Bordatella Intranasal Vx, her next set will be another Combo and her first Rabies shot. poor girl.

Word of advice to anyone getting a new puppy. If you don't want to house train don't bother getting a puppy. House training isn't easy, its very frustrating and it takes quite awhile to achieve 100% success. We will take her right outside, she will both poop and pee, and we take her in, less than 5 minutes she will do both right on the floor. I swear she poops more than she eats, shes a garbage disposal. Yet she is wonderful and we are grateful we have both of them everyday, even when they frustrate the hell out of us. She has learned that when she goes outside she is supposed to go to the bathroom. What she hasn't learned is that she's not supposed to go to the bathroom inside. This is partly due to her being soo small/young, as a puppy she can't hold it like Baby can, so its kind of out of necessity, but also out of not knowing any better. Very Frustrating, but it only gets better with time.

In other news, Baby and Showlow get along perfectly, and Showlow is already learning some commands, such as sit, but there is always work to be done. We need to bring her around as many other dogs, large and small that we can to socialize her at a young age. Unfortunately Baby didnt have any experience with large or small dogs, was never played with, was just left to fend for herself in this disgusting AZ heat. There is a lot of work to be done with both dogs, Socialization being the most important. The only way to benefit these breeds are to raise healthy, obediant, socialized, friendly dogs. There will be no other way to smash the bullshit BSL and stereotypes against bully breeds. Well theres a little rant for now.

Was going to post pictures but apparently the pictures from my phone don't work on the computer even after I saved them onto the computer. Some bull.

Alright well till next time, which will be sure to have pictures of them, as Showlow is getting huge.