Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog

Well its been awhile since my last post. I hope you all read Vals blog a couple weeks ago. Where to start...

Well Showlows about 30 pounds and it seems like she's getting more and more energy everyday. She is completely caught up on her vaccines, having 4 sets of her K9Combo, her Kennel Cough, and Rabies, as well as her last Parvo virus Vx. She is 100% healthy and ready to take on the world...literally.

Raising a puppy isn't easy its a full day commitment. Her and Baby have really became quite the duo.Whereas Baby would love to lie around all day, Showlow has unlimited amount of energy thats hard to keep up with. This prompted us to think of getting her into agility. Showlow would be amazing at it, she always wants to play fetch and recently she has been interested in the frisbee. She hasn't learned how to catch it midair yet but will go retrieve it, and it shouldn't take her long till shes jumping in the air catching it.We have lots goin on in our life but we will be getting both ShowLow and Baby their CGC awards (Canine Good Citizen). Her and Baby do play a bit rough but they do seem to care for eachother and miss eachother whe they aren't together.

We plan on taking Showlow to the Canine Carnivale this October 29th for Pitbull Awareness Month put on by the amazing MayDay Pitbull Rescue here in Phoenix. Feel free to message me for more info or check out their website at

The best advice I have to give on raising puppies, pitbulls or otherwise is this. A tired dog is a happy dog. A happy dog is a good,obedient dog. Tire your dog out before any training. Take them for walks, let em run around until they go lateral. Until next time. Be a responsible pitbull owner. Spay/Neuter, Vaccinate, Train and show the world that pitbulls make wonderful pets.