Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pitbulls FTW

It has been quite awhile since we had a post but knowing that we don't want this blog to end up like nearly every other blog I created I will see what I can do to keep it going. Since the last blog a lot has happened, not just with Val and I but with our dogs, our work, and life in general. One of the major events that we went to was the Canine Carnivale, kind of like a fair with games food and entertainment courtesy of MayDay Pitbull Rescue. We took Showlow, and it was one of her first events with large groups of people and animals and she did AMAZING. At first she was intimidated and shy but by the end of the event people were coming up to us saying "Oh is she that dog that was carrying that bone around all day". She did the lowest setting on the limbo and even got into the kiddie pool with a large shepherd and laid down no problems.

Works been going pretty well, finished school so will be taking the VTNE and State Exam soon, so will be doing a lot of studying in the coming months. Vals dad recently stumbled upon a chow-shepherd mix around 12 wks old in his front yard. being who we are...and not wanting that dog taken to the pound where who knows what would happen to it, we took it in...and boy was it a very needy puppy. Had it for a couple days then took it to work, had a fecal/giardia test done on it, dewormed it, and vaccinated it. Luckily one of Vals friends was looking for a puppy, and before you know it, she had a new dog and it has just been doing better and better. Couple weeks ago we even had a introduction with Baby and Baby did Great! seemed to have some excited energy, but the intro went well. We also have a playdate set up for Baby and an adult Lab some friends of ours have. Since that will be babys first real introduction with a large calm dog, we are excited to see how it plays out.

It feels like I crammed everything into two paragraphs, but its last, tired after long day at work and hope to have more frequent shorter posts, with pictures...Also we think Showlows around 9 months and is 34.3#...She is the worlds first MinPit!