Tuesday, September 27, 2011

" Water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody."

Hello everyone and so so sorry it's been so long since our last post. However, we are here now and ready to UPDATE!

John and I both had this dream of our pups playing in water
because it's just so damn HOT in Phoenix.

Baby was not interested in water at all. 
She hates taking baths and any other activity that 
deals directly with water other than drinking it of course. 

 John trying to give baby a bath in the baby pool <3 ha. 

 This is her "I hate water" face

So when we brought home little Showlow we knew right 
away that we wanted to introduce 
her to water ASAP. 

Since we got Showlow Memorial day weekend
and this is ARIZONA, we knew the weather would be on our side. 
Lucky for us John's mom has a decent size baby pool & 3
cute pups for Showlow to play with too! 

To say the least our visit went GREAT! 
I'll let the videos and pictures tell the rest, enjoy!

 Gma trying to get Showlow in the water

She loved it!

 Max and Showlow

it's not the best quality but I think you get
the idea.

Once again these amazing dogs made me feel like a proud mama. 
She had so much fun and cooled down from the heat.

stay tuned because once I finish John will be doing his own post on here. 
until next time.