Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shows 1st B-day

Our baby girl turned 1 on April 14th.
You're probably going to notice thorughout the blog
that we've started to call her Show.
(even though her full name is Showlow)
It fits her well because not only does she put on a show
(for everyone)
But she steals the show too. (& our hearts)
Anyways, we celebrated her first birthday
with a bath at Wag N' Wash
and got a cute dog bone shaped cake from there too!
We're pretty sure her and her sister
had a great time, and they definitely enjoyed the cake!
Afterwards, we took two pieces to Show
and Baby's cousins
Tucson and Tolleson
(AKA Val's dads Pitty's)
so they could enjoy as well.

Here are some pics from our fun day.

Show after her bday bath

Happy Birthday Show!

Baby had fun too ;)

Show's fabulous cake!


So good she licked it off the floor

Tucson enjoying his piece


Our lil family p.s. this is the best we could get, two of us couldn't sit still!

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