Friday, June 29, 2012

The Thundershirt

I'll be honest, when we first decided to get the
for Showlow I was a bit skeptical.

I was thinking how could a shirt help with her separation anxiety?
But we bought it anyways and hoped for the best.

John had seen an advertisement for it
I think in a dog magazine, I don't remember which one though.
It's supposed to help by being a constant
pressure on the dog. So it's tight but not too tight.
The pressure is supposed to creat a calming affect in
anxious/stressful situations.

At first I didn't notice much of a difference.
When we left the house without her and baby, she chewed on things.
Including our mattress and sometimes even the blankets/sheets/their dog bed.
So we tried to a.) not leave the house together as much so someone could be home with Show
& b.) take her with us every chance we get.
Oh and c.) pick up ALL the pillows/blankets/dog beds/sheets before we left
which as you can imagine is a pain and very time consuming when you
need to run out of the door to work, school or an appointment.

So anyways, after Shows accident where she somehow
broke and jumped through a window
in our bedroom a few weeks ago
she COULD NOT be left 
alone at all since her paws
were healing from being
very badly cut up.
(P.S. she wasn't wearing the thundershirt when this happened)

We were very strict with someone
being home
with her/
John taking her to work with him/
her going with us everywhere we went.
Not once did we leave her unattended..

We did consider a crate, but we have
tried that before and it just does not work
well for her.
She broke the last crate we put her in
and I was afraid she would hurt
herself trying to get out of it again.

but now that she is mostly healed and acting
like nothing ever happened we decided to try
to leave her alone with Baby again.

[[Baby has NEVER had an issue with
being left alone and sometimes I think she prefers it that way ;)
but we'll save that story for another post.]]

This time we picked up anything and everything
we thought she might get into
except her toys and dog pillows.
Then we strapped her in her Thundershirt
and left. I won't even go
into the amount of anxiety we were
feeling at first.

We went to Ikea, Whole Foods and then got
dinner, but we go it to go since we
were nervous about what we were going to come home to.
(half eaten sofa, broken table, broken windows, toys all eaten,
shoes all eaten, Showlow hurt again???)

I was imagining the worst.

However, we walked in the house
and Baby was laying on the sofa
 (yes our dogs are allowed on the furniture)
and Showlow was laying on her dog pillow
with her toys.

Show's little 'nook' and the toys we left out for her.

John walked all around the house in disbelief
(which caused Showlow to
get a little nervous cause she wasn't sure what
we were looking for and what our reaction
was going to be when we found it).

But we didn't find it.

She had clearly played with every single toy
we left out for her, but she did not tear up anything.
Not even her toys.

I think it took some time, but since then when
she has the shirt on I deifnitely notice a difference in her
anxiety. It's definitely not as bad as it once was.

We stayed gone for 2 hours that day and we'll
gradually increase it little by little, but I don't expect
the couch to be torn apart anymore :)

She is pooped.

 So all in all I do recommend the Thundershirt
and even though we know that
it's not going to work
for every dog and every situation,
but I think it did help us & Showlow.

They are $39.95 and usually you can catch them
during a no shipping cost deal. Hope it helps
you as much if not more than us! :) 

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